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The iPhone 5 has been one of the hottest devices in the last year,  and people have come to depend on them.  Wether for work or play people love there phone.  So what happens when you drop and shatter the screen?  Well luckily if your in Pinellas county we 2 location to have your phone fixed and on your way in under 30 minutes!  Click here for iPhone 5 repair in the Clearwater, Largo area.  Or for iPhone repair in the St Petersburg, Tampa area.




Tired of feeling like you have no reliable options when its comes to your Mac?  iCell and Repair St Petersburg is the premier Apple repair facility in Pinellas County.  Whether you have  cracked the screen on your Macbook or your iMac needs a diagnosis we are here to help,  and did we mention we diagnose all devices and computers free of charge.  So no need to feel like you’ve been ripped off if your machine can’t be fixed.  We are conveniently located near Downtown St Petersburg at 5225 4th St N Ste A St Petersburg Fl.  Close to the Tampa bay bridges and Roosevelt Blvd with direct access to Clearwater and northern Pinellas County.  Almost All Apple repairs are done same day and by experienced technicians.  We also repair all iPhones, iPads and iPods while you wait!



One of the most common questions we’ve been asked over the past year is, “Do you do the Samsung Galaxy repair?” Until recently, we’ve had to say yes BUT the cost is close to $300 which obviously wasn’t theasible to 99% of people. We’re excited to announce that you can now get your glass repaired on your S3 without spending a fortune.

Before diving into details, let me say how frustrating it is as a company when someone needs your services and you can’t help them. It’s even more frustrating when you technically can help but other factors get in the way. Samsung Galaxy S phones have traditionally fallen into this category for us. We’ve always known how to fix them, but the costs have been prohibitive.



Cracked Screen S3.

A full Galaxy S3 screen assembly runs about $250 on sites like Phone parts USA If we have to pay $250 for the part, there is no way we can do the repair for less than $300. That’s too much for most people to pay. Plus we would have spend tens of thousands of dollars just to stock the parts in our stores. It wasn’t feasible to offer this service.

Until now.

We spent the last couple months investigating a few possible solutions to this problem. We discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an interesting construction. In particular, the digitizer (this is what senses your finger touches) is built directly into the LCD (the part that displays the picture). Samsung refers to this as Super AMOLED technology. This is different than most smart phones where the LCD, digitizer, and surface glass are three separate components that are all fused together. This fusion of parts means, even if the LCD and digitizer are still working fine, you need to replace them to replace the cracked glass.

Our hope was that this new construction of the Galaxy S3 would allow us to remove just the glass and reuse the LCD/digitizer. It’s the LCD/digitizer combo that’s the expensive part of the assembly. The glass is pretty inexpensive.

Through our research we discovered a set of tools and techniques that allowed us to separate just the glass from the rest of the components. The big trick, and what gave us the most trouble, was finding an optimal temperature to heat the surface glass to that allowed the removal of the glass from the LCD. If you don’t get it hot enough, the adhesive holding the glass down doesn’t loosen and you can break the LCD pulling on the glass. Get it too hot and you burn the LCD. Either way, you’re shelling out $250 for a full Galaxy S screen assembly. But if you get the temperature just right (we use an infrared thermometer to ensure this), the adhesive releases easily without damaging the LCD.

Fully Repaired Galaxy S3

Fully fixed and ready to go.

What does all this mean for you? It means you save a lot of money. Instead of paying $300+ to get your cracked Galaxy S3 screen fixed you pay, at the time of this writing, $149. That price includes the parts, labor, and a 3 month warranty. In addition, we can get it fixed for you the same day you bring it in. It currently takes about 2 hours but that should drop significantly over the coming month.

If you’ve been living with an ugly and cracked Samsung Galaxy S3 screen because it was too expensive to fix (or you didn’t even know it could be fixed), you now have an real solution.




Smartphones and tablets, while often lambasted for their lack of durability in dealing with those everyday mishaps, certainly appear to be getting stronger as we saunter on through the generations. But perhaps some of today’s revered gadgets are, in fact, a lot more robust than we’d give them credit for, and in the case of one Apple iPad that inadvertently found itself in a head-on collision with an automobile, the device actually seemed to come off better than the car itself. The owner of the iPad in question accidentally drove off while leaving the Apple slate atop the roof of their car, but as it flew off and towards the vehicle behind, the impact left the device embedded within the bumper.

Having seen a few iPad drop tests in the past, I would have expected the iPad to have been retrieved from various different locations in and around the point of impact, but in actual fact, thetablet was so firmly in place, that a hammer was required to hoick it out. After careering into a large car and having been treated to the hammer, you would perhaps have expected the device to be a write off, but while it had taken a fair bit of cosmetic damage (cracked screen, big scratches etc.), the driver of the hit vehicle was able to use the iPad to locate the owner for a not-so-safe return.

iPad in bumper

The driver of the trailing car heard a noise, but didn’t realize until some time later that she’d been driving around with an iPad attached to the front of her car. The fact the iPad didn’t disintegrate into a million pieces is one thing, but to have a device still turn on having discovered flight, high-speed impact and dealing with the elements at high speed, is pretty amazing. Of course, the angle in which it hit the car was telling, for if the screen had hit the car face-on, it would have been a write-off, but like many a good fortune story, it seemed to hit the car at just the right point.

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The iPad owner’s response to all this is unknown, but while he or she may lament the damage, I’d say they’re lucky that it’s still in one piece.


Thanks again to Redmond Pie for this Article


iCell and Repair is open in Largo 11195 Seminole Blvd,  we specialize in all things apple including iPhone | iPad | iPod | Macbook | and also realize that mobile device computing is the way of the future so we put an extra special emphasise on iPhones.  Many people break these devices and we understand that in today’s world a phone is no longer just a phone but a business tool and with a broken tool you are not going to get much work done. Fortunately if your in the Pinellas County area you now have options, we carry all replacement parts for all iPhones and typically can have them repaired and as good as new in as little as 30 minutes so if your in a crunch stop by on lunch at our new 4th st location or our Seminole Blvd location and we will have you on your way in no time.  We service all of Pinellas county including Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Seminole, Pinellas Park, Oldsmar and Tampa Bay.


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