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I consistently have customers who tell me that they can fix anything as im selling them a brand new iPhone 4 screen so they can replace it themselves and save about $60.  Whenever customers make this proclamations to me i always do try to give a subltle warning and typically let them go on there way.

I have to estimate almost exactly 50% of customers who just buy the part from us bring back there device either in pieces or they have opened it up and have suddenly become overwhemled.  I would also estimate another 20% have to large of egos to actually bring there device back to our store and go elsewhere.  Now you say that leaves about 30% of customers who may actually get there device working again wether properly or not remains to be seen.

See now the problem with electronics repair especially cell phone and tablet repair any good technician can tell you about the many devices he broke on the way to earning the experience to do repairs on a consistent day in and day out type routine.  There will be bumps and they will be nasty ones at times and customers some times lose site of this they believe because the can change there radiator on there car the can remove a screen from a cell phone.  That is untill i tell them about screws that are so tiny that you can lose them under your fingernail or if everything does not line up properly you cant just stick a crow bar in there to help readjust.

We at iCell and Repair take great pride in our experienced technicians that is why they go through months of trainning before they ever touch a customers phone.  We liken phone repair to art;  just because you can draw a picture,  it does not mean that it is any good.

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